The Wonderful World of Auto-Tainment! is the 19th episode in the VeggieTales series. It was released on May 20,
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Larry's suit

2003 on DVD and VHS. It is a variety show (with a theme song similar to Disney's The Wonderful World of Color) in which the Veggies sing songs from various sing-along albums in a format that conforms to Larry's idea of what the future of entertainment will be like. In Larry's estimation, entertainment will be fully automated. Using devices such as the "Wheel of Veggies" and the "Swarming Balls of Disorder", random performers will be paired with random musical numbers. Even jokes will be randomly generated

Main Characters

Sing Along Characters

Cameo Characters


  • When the Wheel is Spinning you can see other unpicked characters.
  • This episode also includes a laugh track on scenes where the robots tell randomly generated jokes, and is the only VeggieTales episode to include such a thing.
  • The frog from the book The Great Cheese Squeeze made a cameo in A Hole At The Bottom Of The Sea song.
  • Mr. Nezzer and Percy Pea's names being seen in the credits, despite not appearing


On the picture with Lyle on it, but when they say "There's a flea", the picture changed.