• Narrator: Allright, VeggieTales Promo, Take 38.
  • Bob: Okay, Get This! All the sidizens of the kitchen come together, Fruits, Vegetables, Small Kitchen Appliances, Reguardless of Species, Color, Brand Name, They all come together with one purpose. and that purpose...
  • Larry: Hey, Bob! H-Have you seen my plastic wind-up lobster?
  • Bob: Not now, That purpose is to create the most fantastic christian children series anyone has ever imagine. A show bursting with positive values filled with lifehearted stories, songs & educational materials, A show so bold, so inovative, so earth-shaddering & it can only be called one thing...VeggieTales!
  • Larry: Oh, here it is! (lobster punches Larry) Ow!
  • Archibald: Just a minute, not so fast! Before this nonsense goes any further
  • Injury worker: Excuse me, Mr. Lunt, but I got an injury.

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