Abe And The Amazing is the 37th VeggieTales episode. It is released on February 2009. This is the second episode to have Junior as Bob's co-host since Josh And The Big Wall . This is the first video to be produced in widescreen.


The episode begins with Junior filling in for Larry, rather impatiently trying to hurry the show because his mom says that cookies would be ready after the show. Bob takes the opportunity and tells that the story today is about patience, and proceeds to go to Bible times with Junior to make a movie about Abraham. Bob and Junior use imagination to travel, like in Josh And The Big Wall. Junior has a hard time waiting for his mom's chocolate chip cookies.

The second story is called "Blunders in Boo Boo Ville", where Larry learns a tough lesson about taking his time to make sure things are done correctly in an attempt to being back the boo-boo birds. After that, Larry was sad because he has no friends.

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  • Why isn't Junior wearing his hat?
  • Second time, Junior replaces Larry as Bob's co-host. The first time was in Josh And The Big Wall.
  • It's funny Pa Grape said the mentioned characters are Moe, Larry, & Shemp The 3 Stooges.
  • This is the only appearance of a Blue Cat and the Boo Boo Birds.