Larua Penniless


Becky ( played by laura carrot) is a small orange carrot with blonde hair with pigtails wears a gray maid hat wears a gray and brown dress with a white apron or she wears a pink and white school uniform. 


  • Herself in "The Penniless Princess God's Little Girl"


she is a kind, sweet and cheerful girl, when sara told becky she does not look like a princess anymore, she remineded her she is no matter what.

servent to student

after hearing about sara's fortune being restored and moving out of the boarding school, becky was happy that sara came back and she told her she was happy for her but she was gonna miss her but sara told becky that she'll be right next door plus they'll see each other everyday in class, becky reminded her that miss minchin does not allow servents in class and sara surpised becky with a school uniform , becky was happy that she was a student now and she was no longer a serevent when the story was almost over after miss minchin got fired.

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