Bubble Rap


Bubble Rap is a silly song on Robin Good and his not-so-merry men performed by the Boyz in the sink and Khalil


Announcer:and now it's time for silly songs with Larry,the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song.

Larry:another lonely day in a crowded town. Makin' our way the best we know how...

Mr.lunt: yo

Junior:ah,sing it man.

Mr.lunt:oh yeah

Larry:but we're movin' up.

Mr.lunt:whoa,up! Up! Up!

Larry:we're movin' in.

Mr.lunt:ha,ha. Comin' at ya.

Larry:got our dishes packed.

Mr.lunt:yeah they all stacked

Larry:they've been wrapped to win.

Mr.lunt:protect our posollin

Jimmy:an't gonna break it?

Mr.lunt:no,listen up

Junior:no waaaay.

Jimmy:even if I shake it?


Junior:all daaay.

The Boyz:covered with love,sllealed against troubles,sheltered in a glove of bubbles,bubbles,bubbles. Safe in the arms of my bubble,bubble,bubble rap.

Khalil:what up bits,lets rock that rap.


The Boyz:hey,Khalil.

Khalil:bubble rap,bubble rap,love to hear that bubble snap,do it once,bubble double,bubbly,bubble,bubble rap.

The Boyz:oh yeah,we're gonna snap,snap,snap,that rap,we're gonna snap,snap,snap,that rap.

Junior:what up,dog

The Boyz:we're gonna snap,snap,snap,that rap.we're gonna snap,snap,snap,that rap.

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