Veggie Citizens

Bumblyburg Citizens are characters who live in Bumblyburg. Bumblyburg citizens first appear in "Larry-Boy and the Fib From Outer Space," Where they are made up of just minor characters from the older episodes, such as Phil Winklestien and The Peach. In "Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed," most of the citizens are brand new, such as Dr. Glocken or Jack. In "LarryBoy and the Bad Apple," the citizens are mostly just carrots, same with "The League Of Incredible Vegtables." Most of the carrots from "LarryBoy and the Bad Apple" are scattered around in other episodes and make citizens of other places.

Citizens From "Larry-Boy and the Fib From Outer Space"

Citizens From "Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed"

Citizens From "LarryBoy and the Bad Apple"

Citizens From The League Of Incredible Vegetables

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