Christophe Pea is one of the French Peas. He first appeared with Jean Claude in "Dave And The Giant Pickle."He was one of the Phillipines who lost the battle with the Israelites. He appeared again in "Josh And The Big Wall." as a defender of the wall. He was then replaced by Phillipe Pea.


Christophe is an ordinary French Pea. He is identicle to Jean Claude and Phillipe and has freckles. In his first appearance as a Phillistien, no freckles and differances clothing he had a dark red cone-shaped hat like the other peas.


  • Phillistine in "Dave And The Giant Pickle"
  • Himself in "Very Silly Songs"
  • Himself in "Larry-Boy and the Fib From Outer Space!"
  • Defender of Wall and Ark Pea in "Josh And The Big Wall!"
  • Salesman Worker #3 in "Madame Blueberry"
  • Wheel in "Esther The Girl Who Became Queen"
  • Monk in "Lyle the Kindly Viking"
  • Himself and The Fairly Peas Of Christmas #3 in "The Star Of Christmas"
  • Natty in "The Ballad Of Little Joe"
  • The Church Construction Worker #3 in "An Easter Carol"
  • Himself in "BabySitter in the DeNile on "Duke and the Great Pie War"
  • Football Player and Angel in "Minnesota Cuke And The Search For Samson's Hairbrush"
  • Pea Soldier #3 and The Place Guard #3 in "Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler"
  • Wiggly Turtle Tobbie, Parade Pea, Football Player and Angel in "Gideon Tuba Warrior"
  • Mayor Nezzer's Worker and Slave in "Moe And The Big Exit"
  • Munchie Mayor's Butler in "The Wonderul Wizard Of Ha's"
  • Gustav's Men #3 in "Saint Nicholas A Story Of Joyful Giving"
  • Gordy in "Sweetpea Beauty: A Girl After God's Own Heart"
  • Himself in "It's A Meaningful Life"
  • Tap Dance #3 in "Twas The Night Before Easter"
  • Himself in "The Good Egg Of Gooseville on "The Little House That Stood"
  • Pompius' Guard #3 and Himself in "MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle"
  • Himself in "Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas"
  • Himself and Buddy in "Beauty and the Beet"