• Themselves in "Tales From The Crisper" On 'Where's God When I'm Scared?" (cameo)
  • Himself in "The Forgive O Matic on God Wants Me To Forgive-Them" (in Darkness)
  • Themselves in "Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space!" (in Darkness)
  • Himself in "Josh and the Big Wall" (in Darkness)
  • Themselves and Himself in "Bob & Larry's Favorite Stories" (Cameo and in Darkness)
  • Themselves in "More of Bob & Larry's Favorite Stories" (in Darkness)
  • Himself in "Junior's Favorite Stories" (in Darkness)
  • Himself in "Jonah Sing-Along Songs and More!" (in Darkness)
  • Themselves in "Pistachio: the Little Boy that Woodn't" (in Darkness)
  • Themselves in "The League Of Incredblie Vegetables" (Frozen)

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