(aka Fib) is a Fib from outer space. He fell from the sky, first seen by Percy and Li'l Pea. Jimmy and Jerry also saw him, so they alerted Larry-Boy. The alien landed into the street. He met Junior after watching him break his father's plate. Fib told Junior he should "Fib" about the plate, so he doesn't get in trouble. Soon after every lie Junior told, Fib got bigger and bigger, soon turning into a monster and planed to eat Junior. Junior soon told the truth about the plate, and Fib shrunk, until he was so small, he couldn't be seen.


Fib is a blue Basketball. He has a lot of blue spots on him, and has a big nose. He also has a glop sticking out of his head. When he grows, he grows feet and arms, and he is sort of like a giant snowman. His hands and feet are also covered in blue dots.


  • Himself and Fib in "Larry-Boy! And The Fib From Outer Space!"


Pic 2130

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