Goodnight Card
Goodnight Junior is the Silly Song from It's a Meaningful Life and is sung by both Mom & Junior Asparagus.



Lisa Vischer as Junior Asparagus & Mom Asparagus

Phil Vischer as Announcer


  • This Silly Song was supposed to be included in an early version of the Sing Yourself Silly! live show where it was under the title My Bear.
  • This Silly Song marks the last time (to date) in which Lisa Vischer is boh the singing & speaking voice of Mom Asparagus, Keri Pisapia would take over as Mom's speaking voice when she made her next appearance while Lisa is still used whenever she's singing. 
  • The bear was later used for an extra in later episodes.


VeggieTales Goodnight Junior - Silly Song02:30

VeggieTales Goodnight Junior - Silly Song


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