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Josh and the Big Wall is the Veggietales video made by Big Idea Productions.


The episode opens up with Bob and Junior. Junior is filling in for Larry after he got tired after the last show (meaning that he was tired after Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space.) Bob says that he got a letter from Victor Bartholomew of California. He says that there was a kid named Louis in his class who hit him. He wants payback but he learns that God wants everyone to be nice to everyone, even to the cruel ones. Victor is left on whether he wants to go his way or God's way.

Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • Moral: You can't always get your way.
  • Junior Asparagus appears In the Countertop in place of Larry this will be the first time it will happen. This happened again in "Abe & The Amazing Promise".
  • Potato Family appears in Song of the Cebu.
  • Larry is not present on the countertop because he is sleeping late as a result of being tired out from the previous show. The previous show was Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space.
  • Goliath makes a brief cameo barbequing with his family.
  • This is based off the Joshua and the Walls of Jericho.
  • For some reason Mr. Nezzer was Moses in this story which wouldn't make sense since Larry was Moses in Moe and the Big Exit.
  • In the song of the Cebu, when Larry shows a slide of him at the airport, his Larry-Boy mask can be seen in his suitcase,there is a giant Bob the tomato in the background with a stamp, and there's a running gag where aunt Ruth's face is slightly obscure.
  • The scene where half of Aunt Ruth's is obscure in the silly song, you can see a sequence of numbers and according to Mike Nawrocki on the DVD's commentary, he says if you use the A=1 B=2 method the numbers turn out and says, "AUNT RUTH LIVES".
  • More scenes of the walls collapsing were planned but due to money running out and the episodes deadline they couldn't be put in, according to the DVD commentary.
  • This Is Lena Spoke's Last Episode.
  • This Is Everett Downing's First Episode.
  • This Is Tim Johnson's First Episode.
  • This Is Dave Bock And Todd Seamann's Only Episode.
  • Jean Claude and Phillipe act like the castle guards from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".
  • The Great Big Wall looks more like a building instead of an actual wall.
  • Here are the other untold differences.
    • There was no king, and the people weren't afraid.
    • There was also no Rahab, and they didn't sneak into Jericho.
    • They never folded any rivers with the Ark of the Covenant.
  • You can hear Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki discussing about VeggieTales Screen Test Take 38 on the DVD commentary.