Junior`s Dinosaur Doll is a Item in Junior`s Room in Where`s God When I`m S-Scared



Junior`s Pet Dinosaur is a Stuffed Toy Has a Tall neck.


  • Himself in "Tales from the Crsiper on Where`s God When Im S-Scared"
  • Himself in "The Gourds Must Be Crazy on "Are You My Neighbor?"
  • Himself in "Lenny and the Lost Birthday on "Robin Good And His Not So Merry Men" (picture)


  • According to the audio commentary on "Where's God when I'm S-Scared?", Phil Vischer referred to him as a green dragon and said that the dinosaur was very complex to model.
  • Only appeared as a toy in two episodes, he returned as a poster with a new design.

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