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King Snoodle is the king of Snoostien. King Snoodle has a daughter, Snoodlerella. Everyone thinks she is ugly and unfashionable, but King Snoodle didn't. When Snoodlerella was about to leave the Grand Snoodle Ball since everyone was gone. King Snoodle came out and asked her for the last dance. Snoodlerella said that she was an awful poor choice. He then replied it doesn't matter how you look, because Snoodlerella was kind, loving, smart and funny. And that she had true beauty. He then gave her a tiara and let her live with him in the castle instead of with her snooty sisters and stepsnoodle.


King Snoodle is an elderly yellow snoodle, Like all the other snoodles in Snoostien, King Snoodle has wings and gloves. He grows white hair. He also has a goatee, a mustache, and eyebrows. He wears a crown and red and white robes. A blue button id in the middle and two gold buttons are on each side. He also wears a blue undershirt.


  • Himself in "Snoodlerella on Sweetpea Beauty: A Girl After God's Own Heart"

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