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Madame Blueberry is a French blueberry. Her first has a major appearance in the VeggieTales episode is in "Madame Blueberry," where she plays a depressed, materialistic blueberry, who was not thankful for all she had. She then soon realizes material items do not make one happy, but true happiness comes from a happy, thankful heart.


Madame Blueberry is a blue blueberry, about the same size as Bob the Tomato. She has a blue beauty mark on her right cheek. She is fond of pink lipstick and dark blue eyeshadow. She also beautifully long eyelashes, and she has been known to change her hair color from brown to blonde, depending on the types of roles shep lays. Usually, she appears with blonde hair with two short ponytails, a pearl necklace, and pearl earrings. In her first appearance, she is a blue blueberry with brown hair. She wears with a red hat, a green shirt, and a red necklace.


  • Herself in "Madame Blueberry" ' '
  • Herself in "Thankfulness Song" on "The End of Silliness!?!" ' '
  • Mayor Blueberry in "Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed" ' '
  • Effie Pickering in "The Star of Christmas" ' '
  • Miss Kitty in "The Ballad of Little Joe" ' '
  • Madison Owner in "Going Up" on "Sumo of the Opera" ' '
  • Nona in "Duke and the Great Pie War" ' '
  • Queen in "Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler" ' '
  • Mayor Blueberry and Pilgrim in "Larry-Boy and the Bad Apple" ' '
  • Herself in "God Made You Special" ' '
  • Splenda, the Sweet but Non-Fattening Fairy in "The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's" ' '
  • Jolly Joe's Wife in "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie" ' '
  • Themselves in "Tomato Sawyer And Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue" ' '
  • Mayor Lableu in "Blunders in Boo Boo Ville" on "Abe and the Amazing Promise" ' '
  • Maitre d' in "Sippy Cup on "Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah's Umbrella" ' '
  • The Blue Berry in "Pistachio: The Little Boy that Woodn't" ' '
  • Snoodlerlla's Fairy Godmother and Queen Blueberry in "Sweetpea Beauty: A Girl After God's Own Heart" ' '
  • Mrs. B in "Twas the Night Before Easter" ' '
  • Mrs. Banana and Madame Blueberry with Wigs in "Princess and the Pop Star: A Story of Trading Places" ' '
  • Herself in "If I Sang A Silly Song" ' '
  • Miss Amelia in "The Penniless Princess: God's Little Girl" ' '
  • Herself and Little Miss Muffet in "The Little House that Stood" ' '
  • Mrs. Netterbaum in "Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas" ' '
  • WhoAreYou in "Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier" ' '
  • Mrs. Banana in "Celery Night Fever" ' '
  • Ms. Kitty in "Beauty and the Beet" ' '

Voice Actor

  • Megan Murphy
  • G. Bock (Gail Freeman)
  • Megan Moore Burns
  • Tress MacNeille (Netflix)



  • Madame Blueberry is the only French fruit.
  • Her hair color changes to brown to blonde, which may mean she wears a blonde wig or she dyed it.
  • After her hair color changed to blonde, it stayed like that for the further episodes.
  • So far her only villainous role is in The Ballad of Little Joe.
  • When she is in a Larry-Boy episode(minus the Fib from outer space) she is seen as the Mayor of Bumblyberg.
  • Her name is based on the name from the classic literature novel "Madame Bovary".
  • She was actually conceived before Where's God When I'm S-Scared? was in production, according to the behind the scenes on God Wants Me To Forgive Them!?!.

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