Mirror 2

The Mirror was the hidden main antagonist of "Sweetpea Beauty: A Girl after God's Own Heart".


The Mirror's origin is unknown, except he had tricked Queen Blueberry's grandmother and her mother before her in order to get the crown. And he planned to trick the Queen too and ruin her beauty, but he also needed Sweetpea Beauty out of the way. He persuaded the Queen to drink an espresso that makes her ugly and think evil thoughts in order to have Sweetpea banished. When Sweetpea repeatedly returns to Mostfare, the Mirror convinces the Queen to make Sweetpea drink a poisoned apple cider. When it seems like he succeeded, he tries to get the crown from Sweetpea's skunk friend, Gaspard. After he does catch the crown, the Queen admits Sweetpea was right about the beauty of one's heart, making her ugliness fade away. Sweetpea woke up since she never drank the right cider. The Mirror's plan was foiled further when Prince Larry rescued Sweetpea after the Mirror dropped her. The Mirror then had an acorn shot at him by Unbrilliant, one of the seven Snow Peas, cracking his glass and causing him to fall and shatter.


  • Himself in "Sweetpea Beauty: A Girl after God's Own Heart"

Voice Actor

  • Mark Steele


Did You Know?

  • He is the only villians so far in "VeggieTales" that doesn't hint of making a come-back.
  • The voice actor later did Dr. Flurry in "The League Of Incredible Vegetables".

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