Mr. Carrisford  personality : he is a kind, caring and good person.

he spent three months finding his friend's daughter sara crewe.  and one day when sara arrvied to return his dog to his house, she asked him what the name of the little girl is and he said her name is sara and she found out that sara his her name then he asked her what her father's name was she told him his name was captain richard crewe and he was surprised that it was her and she found out that she was that little girl. he became her guardian and he told miss minchin that she is no longer in her care. miss minchin got fired at the boarding school and now its miss amelia's school. 


Mr.Carrisford is a tall asparagus wears a glass has a mustace wears a white and tan shrit with a brown bowtie wears a brown jacket


  • Himself in "The Penniless Princess: God's Little Girl"

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