Nicky Pepper (AKA Saint Nicholas) is a pepper who only appears in the episode, "Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving." Saint Nicholas was a small boy who's parents ran a church and always did good things, like giving away fish to the poor. One day Nicholas's parents went to help a woman who's husband was very sick. Nicholas's parents went to help, but they caught the sickness and died.

Nicholas soon had to run the fish buissness that his father ran, but then everybody was asking him for fish, so he ran away. He went around the world, looking for something that would make him happy. He soon realized that giving was the answer, but you don't give because it makes you happy, you give because you are happy. He decided to return home to Greece. When he arrived, things changed, and giving things was against the law.

Nicholas was troubled by this, so he decided to give in secret. He was almost caught, so he decided to come up with a desguise to hide his identidy. It worked, but he then changed his desguise. He once helped three scallion ladies who were also giving in secret, but they got caught and were by Mayor Gustav, who said they had to pay three gold coins in three days, or they would be thrown into the dungeon. so every night, Nicholas snuck to to their house, and put three gold coins in their stockings.


Nicky is an orange and yellow pepper. He has a long brown stem with green leaves on it. His chin is visable, and his nose is big and colored a dark shade of orange, while his eyes are colored peach. He is usually seen wearing light blue robes with brown string.



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