PopstarAmray CMYK-1-

Larry: [humming].

Bob: Ahh! What did you do?

Larry: Don't worry, Bob. This paint is specially formulated for tile.

Bob: Actually, now I'm more worried. Why did you paint the tile green?

Larry: Well, two reasons. Reason #1: Green is my favorite color. Reason #2: The tile is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Bob: That's 'grass'.

Larry: Work with me, Bob. Grass don't grow in the kitchen.

Bob: Grass doesn't grow in the kitchen.

Larry: Yep, and that's why I used paint.

Bob: Paint, grass, astroturf? I'm confused.

Larry: I was just talking with Madison before the show.

Bob: Madison?

Larry: Yeah, over here.

QWERTY: Madison Scott from Ogalella Nabreska.

Madison: Dear Bob and Larry. My friend Taylor has everything, it isn't fair. Why can't I have it? she has? Your friend, Madison.

Larry: That's a good one.

Bob: It sure it, we have a...

Larry: Shhh! I'm using an anomally, she'll figure it out.

Bob: You mean "analogy", and nobody's gonna figure that out.

Larry: Really?

Bob: When you say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. You're saying you'd rather have something from what you already have.

Larry: That's what I say.

Bob: [sigh], I'll tell you what. I have the perfect story for Madison that might just answer her question. While she watches, I'll help you mop up the countertop before the paint dries.

Larry: Did I mention it was formulated for an instant drying.

Bob: Oh man. Roll film.

Princess and the Popstar

Vanna: My dinner's one huge chocolate bar. Diamonds and jet planes, I'm a star. Yeah, I'm living the sweet life, but that's not everything. No, no. From Tulsa to Tuledo, I'm a popstar hero. I can get whatever I ask for what it never. Brings me what I really want. It's not everything.

Princess: You won't see ME there.

Paprika: This is our house, too.

Parsley: Yeah!

Princess: Forget it. You only thing that's really mine is! Pepper!

Pepper: (sadly) Just pretending.?

Mr. Poppysed: God made Vanna to be Vanna and he made you to be you.

Princess: What are we planting today?

Mrs. Banana: 30 minutes before we leave for the video shoot, sweetheart.

Vanna: Okay!

Mrs. Banana: Why aren't you dressed yet?

Vanna: [sobbing].

Mrs. Banana: What on EARTH is the matter?

Vanna: This!

Mrs. Banana: Leetle peas on ze prairie.

Vanna: The little girl. She plays with her sisters, and they are hugs, and skipping through a meadow. [sobbing] And a HOOOOORSIE!

Pa Grape: Thank you Lord for this food.

(All) Aamen.

Mrs. Banana: Enough ez enough, Vanna. You got to pull yourself togezzer and get dressed for the video shoot. Entourage?

Entourage #1: Let's make you beautiful.

Entourage #2: Brush brush brush brush brush.

Vanna: But they aren't lonely.

Mrs. Banana: How can you be lonely. The last birthday parties there were 2000 fans.

Vanna: [sighs].

Mrs. Banana: I know how to cheer you up. Entourage?