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Snoodlerella's Stepsisters are two snooty snoodles who think Snoodlerella is ugly and will never look like them. Snoodlerella's Berry Godmother made her beautiful, much to her stepsisters surprise, so she could attend the ball. Everyone danced with Snoodlerella, but not with her stepsisters. In the end, they never reallized the meaining of true beauty, which Snoodlerella had because she was always kind and loving.


Snoodlerella's Stepsisters are pale yellow snoodles with golden wings. They both have a yellow stalk sticking out of their blonde hair, which also has a tuft of blonde hair on it. One wears earings and a pearl necklace, and a purple and dark blue dress with a flower pattern. The other wears pearl warings and a blue dress with white ruffles. They both wear lipstick and have a mole on their left cheek. One has their eyes colored purple, while the other has pink.


  • Themselves in "Sweetpea Beauty: A Girl After God's Own Heart"

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