-VeggieTales -The Ballad Of Little Joe

Bob: Hi Kids, and Welcome to VeggieTales! I'm Bob the Tomato.

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber.

Bob: And we're here answer your questions.

Larry: Yep!

Bob: Now this week, we got a letter from Pete Meginis in New Castle, Indiana.

Larry: Hey Pete!

Bob: Pete writes, "Dear Bob and Larry, I'm depressed. All my friends are in Mrs. Peterson's class, but I got stuck in Mr. Schubert's class. If god loves me, why do bad things happen? Your friend, Pete" Wow, that's a tricky one!

Larry: Sure is!

Bob: Well Pete, I know a bible story that I think could help you a lot!

Larry: Uh Bob?

Bob: Yeah?

Larry: I thought we were going to do a western this time.

Bob: A what?

Larry: A western, you know, with cowboys, and tumbleweeds, and "little doggies". You promised we could right before I went to cowboy camp!

Bob: Uh Heh, heh I think what Pete needs here is a bible story, Larry.

Larry: I promised, Bob!

Bob: Promised? Did I really say "Promise"?

Larry: Yes you did, Bob

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