The league of the increble vegetables (2013)

the leauge of the incredble vegetables

  • (New VeggieTales Theme Song)
  • Bob: Hi kids, I'm Bob the Tomato.
  • Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber.
  • Bob: Welcome to VeggieTales.
  • Alfred: Ahem! Pardon me, gentlemen. Might I have a moment.
  • Larry: Archibald, I mean, Alfred.
  • Alfred: Greetings, Master Larry. Hello Bob.
  • Bob: Hello.
  • Larry: What's up, Alfred.
  • Bob: Poor kid. That's a lot to be afraid of. Larry, where are you going.
  • Larry: This is a job for Larry-Boy. I need a phone booth.
  • Bob: Huh, why a phone booth.
  • Larry: Superheros change into their super suits in phone booths.
  • Bob: Larry, there are no phone booths anymore. Here, you can change behind your cellphone.
  • Larry: Very film. Where am I suppose to change. 
  • Bob: I don't know. Maybe, your dressing room.
  • Larry: Good idea.
  • Alfred: You'll need some assistance. This is a job too big for LarryBoy alone.
  • Bob: What does that mean.
  • Alfred: Check your dressing room.
  • Bob: My dressing room. Oh, okay.
  • Alfred: Sean Smith, we came to give you "The League of Incredible Vegetables and the Flurry of Fear". Roll film.
  • [Starting the film]
  • Laura: Come on, Junior. It's fun!
  • Jnior: Um Zero Gravity Pad. I Don't Think So. I just ate a burrito.
  • Laura: But Don'tcha wanna try anything?
  • [Elevator Bell Rings]
  • Larry: Junior! Laura! This little room moves up & down! Talk about science. Hey Laura, cheek this out!
  • Junior: Huh? Hummm. Whoa! What this one do?
  • Laura: Ooooh! It's locked away.
  • Junior: Must be dangerous.
  • Scooter: Aye! You betcha! That is the must dangerous item in the Whole Museum.
  • Larry: More dangerous than the tiny little room moves up & down. Doubt it!
  • Junior: How dangerous is it?
  • Scooter: Tis The Fear Dear!
  • [Junior Gasp]
  • Scooter: Invented by a Mad Scientist to detect exactly what someone's alfraid of and use that fear as a power source.
  • Laura: Why would someone invent that?
  • Scooter: MADNESS!!!!!
  • [Junior And Larry Gulp]
  • Scooter: Don'tcha Worry. It's not goin anywhere safe and behind that glass.
  • Laura: Are you okay, Junior?
  • Junior: That thing kind of scares me. Actually a lot of things scare me.
  • Larry: It's Okay Junior. Everybody gets scared sometimes!
  • Junior: I wished I didn't!
  • [Red Alert Beeps]
  • Junior: The Fear Dear!!!! Help Larry! Larry!
  • Larry-Boy: The jig is up [Coughs] Now That's better. The jig is up Fish Breath! Whoa! Back off Birds Brains!
  • Both: Larry Boy!

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