(In a town of London set around the year 1882, Cavis Appythart and Millward Phelps are looking at a poster advertising a product called Durling's Grand Dental Wax. Milward is smiling while Cavis is not.)

Millward Phelps: It's beautiful, isn't it? another job well done.

Cavis Appythart: (sighs)

Millward Phelps: What's wrong, Cavis?

Cavis Appythart: Our careers are going nowhere, Millward.

Millward Phelps: But our work is up all over London. Little children are singing our songs and...

Cavis Appythart: But we're not making a difference. Look at this.

(He hands him a newspaper.)

Millward Phelps: Ooh! A sale on crumpets!

Cavis Appythart: No, not that. The rest of it.

(Millward looks inside the newspaper to see ads that involve terrible things happening such as bad weather and criminals.)

Cavis Appythart: This isn't a happy place, Millard. I want our songs to bring joy and love, like respectible song writers. If I could do one thing, just one thing, I'd teach ALL of London to love. Is that so much? But how? How?

(Just then, Cavis spots an ad for Seymour Shwank.)

Cavis Appythart: Millward, I have an idea! The best idea I ever had!

Millward Phelps: Better than this silly moustache?

Cavis Appythart: This is the break we've been waiting for!

Millward Phelps: I'm with ya, Cavis!

Cavis Appythart: And just in time for Christmas!

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