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Tree is a tree that grows in a forest that leads to Junior's house in "God Wants Me To Forgive Them!?!". He feared The Grapes of Wrath when they drove by. Tom Grape spit in his eye, while Rosie threw a snake in a milkshake. The grapes were about to come closer, but he ran off and jumped in the water for fear the grapes might do other things to him.


Tree is a brown tree who has a green sphere on his head, which is his leaves. He has a big nose that is colored a darker shade of brown and his eyes are also darker. He seems to have hands, as shown when he was holding a milkshake. He doesn't have feet and walks similar to the scallions. He doesn't speak during his cameo appearance.


  • Himself in "Where's God When I'm S-Scared?" (theme song)
  • Himself in "The Grapes of Wrath" on "God Wants Me To Forgive Them!?!"
  • Himself in "Are You My Neighbor?" (theme song)
  • Himself in "Rack, Shack and Benny" (theme song)
  • Himself in "Dave and the Giant Pickle" (theme song)
  • Himself in "Very Silly Songs" (theme song)
  • Himself in "Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space!" (theme song)
  • Himself in "Josh and the Big Wall" (theme song)
  • Himself in "Veggietales in the City"

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