VeggieTown #1: Vacation Bible School

Bob: Hey kids, welcome to VeggieTown. I'm Bob the Tomato.

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber, and I'm here for the Value Bargin Sale.

Bob: The what?

Larry: But the sign says, VBS. Everybody knows VBS stands for Value Bargin Sale.

Bob: No it doesn't. VBS  is all about.

Larry: Video Body Surfing?

Bob: No! That's not it either.

Larry: Vigerous Blubber Shot?

Bob: Larry!

Larry: Very Big Sausigan?

Bob: Hey kids, do you know what VBS stands for? If you said Vacation Bible School, you're right.

Larry: Oh, so it's about getting to know God.

Bob: We, and have a great time in VeggieTown.

Larry: Yeah, see ya. Why couldn't VBS stand for Valuxuris Buffalo Sing-Along? Bob! Bob?

VeggieTown #2: Theme Song

Bob: Okay, Larry.

Larry: Yeah Bob?

Bob: It's time for the song.

Bob: If you'd like some contests and prizes, if you'd like to share a smile, if you like with all shapes and sizes, learning good things all the while. Have we got a place for you.

Everyone: VeggieTown, VeggieTown, VeggieTown, VeggieTown, VeggieTown, VeggieTown, VeggieTown, VeggieTown.

Larry: Have a ball, at the mall, but 10 feet tall.

Everyone: VeggieTown.

Bob: Stop, cut, hold it. 10 feet tall? What does that mean?

Larry: Uh, I don't know, but it rhymes with "mall".

Bob: Larry, the VeggieTown anthem is supposed to make sense.

Larry: Sorry, I'll do better the next verse. Things are cool, at the school, plain don't drool.

Everyone: VeggieTown.

Bob: Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, stop. Please don't drool. Larry, that's worse than 10 feet tall.

Larry: Um, don't worry, Bob. I got the next verse covered. At the church, you will search, for your perch.

Bob: Cut, cut, cut. Larry, you will search for your perch?

Larry: Well. I wanted to use purse, but it didn't rhyme.

Bob: Never mind. Let's just finish the song. OK?

Larry: OK.

Everyone: There's never ever ever ever ever been a place like VeggieTown. There's never ever ever ever ever been a place like VeggieTown. It's time for VeggieTown.

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