VeggieTown #1: Vacation Bible School

Bob and Larry are on the countertop.

Bob: Hey kids, welcome to VeggieTown. I'm Bob the Tomato.

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber, and I'm here for the Value Bargain Sale.

Bob: The what?

Larry: The Value Bargain Sale. I'd like to buy a new skateboard, please. Bright blue, with flaming marshmallows on the sides.

Bob: Larry, there's no sale here.

Larry: But the sign says, "VBS." Everybody knows VBS stands for Value Bargain Sale.

Bob: No, it doesn't! VBS is all about...

Larry: Video Body Surfing?

Bob: No, that's not it either.

Larry: Vigorous Blubber Sharks?

Bob: Larry!

Larry: Very...Big...Sausages?

Bob: Hey kids, do you know what VBS stands for? (pause) If you said Vacation Bible School, you're right.

Larry: Oh, so it's about getting to know God.

Bob: And having a great time in VeggieTown!

Larry: Wow. That sounds like a lot of fun.

Bob: Oh, it is. Lot more fun than, "Vicious Banana Slugs."

Larry: Good one, Bob.

Bob: Well...G'bye, kids! And have a great time in VeggieTown!

Larry: Yeah, see ya. Bob exits, but Larry doesn't notice. Why couldn't VBS stand for Voluptuous Buffalo Sing-Along? Bob? Bob!

VeggieTown #2: Theme Song

White background. We hear Bob and Larry.

Bob: Okay, Larry.

Larry: Yeah, Bob?

Bob: It's time for the song.

Larry: What song?

Bob: You know, the song about the place the boys and girls have been visiting every day?

Larry: You mean the restroom?

Bob: No! I mean that special place, where they play games, learn Bible verses, and have refreshments! That place where they watch us on TV, and learn important lessons!

Larry: Hmm...can't be the restroom. The TV in there is broken. I pulled the handle, but no picture came on.

Bob: Larry, I'm talking about VeggieTown.

Larry: Ohhhh, gotcha. (clears throat) Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the VeggieTown municipal anthem.

(Larry enters with his sousaphone and begins playing. Bob enters singing:)

Bob: If you'd like some contests and prizes,

If you'd like to share a smile,

If you like with all shapes and sizes,

Learning good things all the while...

Have we got a place for you!

Bob and Larry: VeggieTown, VeggieTown, VeggieTown, VeggieTown,

VeggieTown, VeggieTown, VeggieTown, VeggieTown!




Gotta' Be...


Bob: Stop! Cut! Hold it! (The video pauses) 10 feet tall? What does that mean?

Larry: Uh, I don't know, but it rhymes with "mall".

Bob: Larry, the VeggieTown anthem is supposed to make sense.

Larry: Sorry, I'll do better the next verse. (The song resumes)

Lima Beans,

Collard Greens,

Peachy Keen


Bob: Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa whoa whoa, stop.(The song pauses again) "Please don't drool?" Larry, that's worse than 10 feet tall!

Larry: Um, don't worry, Bob. I got the next verse covered. (The song resumes once more)


Sweet & Sour,

Half an Hour...

Bob: Cut! Cut! Cut! LARRY! (The song pauses yet again) "You will search for your PERCH?"

Larry: Well, I wanted to use "purse," but it didn't rhyme.

Bob: Never mind. Let's just finish the song. OK?

Larry: OK. (The song resumes one more time)

Bob and Larry:

There's never ever ever ever ever been a place like VeggieTown!

There's never ever ever ever ever been a place like VeggieTown!

It's time for VeggieTown!

(Larry faints. Laugh track, then back to white.)

Larry: Uh, Bob?

Bob: Yeah, Larry?

Larry: How about, "You will search for your wallet?"

Bob: Uhh, right, Larry. Well, kids, at least he got one line right; it is time for VeggieTown. Have fun!

VeggieTown #3: Town Map

(Bob and Larry on the kitchen counter)

Bob: Hey, kids! Welcome to VeggieTown! I'm Bob the Tomato...

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber!

Bob: Today, we wanna help you find your way around VeggieTown! There are so many exciting things to see, so I got this map from the Chamber of Commerce! (A map drops down from the ceiling in front of Bob)

Larry: Oh, I don't need a map. I know VeggieTown like the back of my hand.

Bob: Larry, you don't have any hands.

Larry: Oh. That explains why I get lost every time I leave my room.

Bob: According to this map, the VeggieTown School is down this way, and the church construction site is over that way, and the playground is over here.

Larry: Oh, I love the playground! That's where I do my best work.

Bob: You work at the playground?

Larry: In the sandbox. I just dig, dig, dig, deeper and deeper and...

(Larry falls off the countertop)

Larry (O.S.): Ow. Say, Bob?

Bob: Yeah, Larry?

Larry (O.S.): Could you throw me that map?

Bob: Why?

Larry (O.S.): I...think I'm lost again.

Bob: Well, don't forget your maps, kids, and have fun discovering all the neat places in VeggieTown!