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Where Have All the Staplers Gone? is the Silly Song from Pistachio: The Little Boy that Woodn't and is sung by Larry the Cucumber & Petunia Rhubarb. In the song, presented as "Obscure Broadway Show Tunes with Larry", Larry and Petunia lament the misplacement of various office supplies and reminisce about the time when they were plentiful in this parody of the folk song Where Have All the Flowers Gone?. At the end, the narrator promotes Act 2, "Revenge of the Staplers".


Announcer: And now it's time for Obscure Broadway Show Tunes with Larry. The part of the show where Larry comes out and sings an obscure broadway show tune.

Without further ado, from the unknown musical Office Supplies, the heart trending love sing, Where Have All the Staplers Gone?

Larry: We don't have much time before the big meeting.

Petunia: No, no we don't.

Larry: Have you seen the sisscors, miss?

Petunia: They're in the bottom drawer.

Larry: I tried that drawer, but they're there no more.

Petunia: That's odd.

Larry: I know I thought for sure.

Petunia: Have you seen the masking tape?

Larry: It's right next to the phone.

Petunia: (sighs) That's what I thought, but now it's now it's not.

Larry: Hmm.

Petunia: I guess I should have known.

Both: Ohhhhh, where have have all the staplers gone?

What happened to our paper clips?

Petunia: The ballpoints pens are gone again.

Larry: They're gone again.

Both: The stick-it pads have lost they're stick.

Do you remember when....


Mike Nawrocki as Larry the Cucumber

Cydney Trent as Petunia Rhubarb

Phil Vischer as Announcer

Lee Eric Fesko, Kurt Heinecke, Laura Neutzling, Brian K. Roberts and Jennifer Sweet as Singers


  • This is the 18th Silly Song written by Mike Nawrocki.
  • This Silly Song was used to promote Pistachio: The Little Boy that Woodn't when it played in Chuck E. Cheese's as part of a reuse of the April 2005 Show when it ran between January and March of 2010.
  • An edited version of this Silly Song was used on Sweetpea's Songs for Girls where the opening narration was removed and went straight to the song.


VeggieTales Where Have All the Staplers Gone? Silly Song

VeggieTales Where Have All the Staplers Gone? Silly Song

VeggieTales Where Have All the Staplers Gone? Silly Song